With our solution, engaging borrowers in efficient and meaningful dialogue becomes effortless across their preferred means of communication: live chat, text messaging, and/or email. Private lenders can tailor their borrower outreach strategies, leveraging one, two, or all three channels.

Empowering borrowers with our advanced communication service means they can resolve payment issues and make commitments to repay—all through their preferred method of communication, with the added convenience of connecting with a live agent if needed – a true blend of convenience and flexibility.

What Sets CapBridge Apart?

The “everything in between” is where CapBridge is different from other asset managers as we take pride in working with Houston’s most trusted lenders to exhaust all options before property foreclosures for their borrowers.

Additionally, CapBridge has a growing network of Real Estate Industry partnerships which ultimately give our clients the most options in the disposition of their properties. We partner with general contractors, wholesalers, lenders, real estate agents, maintenance/repair teams, and many more diverse vendors covering all facets of real estate.